What We Do

Street Christmas Decorations

Did you know that Business Kyneton owns the Christmas flags that were put up in the main streets each year? We know they're getting a little tired, so we are collaborating with other stakeholders to come up with a brand new concept to celebrate Christmas this year! 

If you would like to be involved please contact Kate or Renee at 

Street Trading Permits

Back in 2018 Council wanted to increase the minimum level of Public Liability Insurance from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000 for Street Trading Permits. This would have affected every business wanting to place signage, stock or tables & chairs on the footpath and result in significant increases to business owners. 

We successfully negotiated to have this left at $10,000,000 and will continue to advocate for this to remain for as long as possible. 

Vacant Shop Displays

Last year we attempted to get a new project off the ground, aiming to fill the vacant shops of Kyneton during the Daffodil & Arts Festival and over the Christmas period. 

Our intention with this project was to create an atmosphere of abundance and activity for people visiting our town, and provide businesses who work from home the opportunity to have a shopfront display during the busiest time of the year. 

We are hoping to build on this in 2019 and beyond so if you are a property owner, manager of commercial real estate, or someone who would like to lease a shopfront display during these times please get in touch with us: 

Advocacy & Support

Do you need support with a council or government submission? For projects that affect local business we will review your concerns and provide a letter of support if we feel it is appropriate.

We are very fortunate to have Sharon Macaulay on our committee who provides invaluable insights into issues that relate to planning matters. 

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